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Leadership is hard work.  Let us help you make it easier....

Large organisations and charities tend to have plenty of options to help them stay ahead of governance, regulations and training.

For SMEs, start-ups and smaller charities, it's not so easy.  Whether a volunteer stepping in to help manage governance, or finding it is part of your 'day job' but not your main role, help can be costly, time consuming and inconsistent.  We are here to help!

How Governance360 membership can help you.  For free.

To be a successful director or trustee you need resilience and accountability.

To be effective, you need knowledge and skills to build strong foundations - but how do you know what knowledge you need?!

At Governance360 we don't just guide you in what to do, we help you do it.

As a free Governance360 member you'll receive:

  • Updates, tips and guides to help you in your day to day role
  • Exclusive invitations to webinars
  • Tips on best practice and how to apply them to your organisation
  • Access to free trials, beta launches and discounts

It's free - get access here!

"As a new director my main issue was that I didn't know what I didn't know! Governance360 has been incredibly useful in helping me identify where the gaps in my knowledge are and how I need to go about addressing them"
"My business is scaling rapidly which is great, but as it grows I am finding I need to set up better systems and procedures as I can't do it all myself. Governance360 is helping me train my team to help the business become more investable."
"Governance360 has helped me provide my incubatees with reliable knowledge and skills they can use to help them grow and raise finance. I am confident that they are kept on the right track and they are confident they are not making silly mistakes - win win!"

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